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Bz impex is import export and overseas business solution company that is group company of BUSINESS ZONE INDIA , bz impex is engaged in overseas trading and business solution it offers complete solutions for export and import .. we at bz impex belive In deleivring the right quality to our customers and quality is not maintained only at final stage of delivering goods though it is maintained... Read More

Our Services

Firstly we evaluate the sources from where that product can be sourced. Most time that product is available with us and meets specifications asked... Read More

Many times customer dem and s number of product from different part of countries bz impex also provides service of warehousing of different products... Read More

It is an commercial activity of transporting goods to customers .bz impex provides worry free transportation of goods from port to doorstep and from... Read More

Goods to be reached to customers have to be passed through the custom barrirers .that is done by filling required documents, paying taxes, duties,.. Read More

Bz impex is managed by bz india which is an complete business solution company in india. So thus bz impex egages in providing solutions to the domestic... Read More

Delayed flights can really be annoying, especially if you only have a few minutes before the next business engagement. A few minutes of delay can cost... Read More

Why Choose Us

  • Our mission is to provide our clients with superior service and value.
  • Our experience in product development, product certification procedures and requirements, and our ongoing underst and ing of procurement and supply chains in world.
  • We can ensure that unexpected problems are quickly identified and contingency plans are put in place
  • We have existing supplier relationships, suppliers that we know will deliver a quality, professionally br and ed, delivered on time and well priced product.
  • Extensive Knowledge of Local Rents and Property Laws and Regulations

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