Product Sourcing

Firstly we evaluate the sources from where that product can be sourced. Most time that product is available with us and meets specifications asked by customers but sometime customer wants a specific product which is not available at ease so, our professional team sources that product and assure that it meets the specification asked.

For import

Bz Impex makes global market approachable to our local clients with our import solutions .Bz Impex is import house from direct China and rest of the world. We not just import the goods they want but also help local customers to get the products they are searching for. We source that product at the reasonable cost and asked quality.


  • Automobile parts
  • Machines and spares
  • H and tools
  • Rice
  • Textiles
  • Cotton and yarns
  • Readymade garments
  • Cycle parts
  • Garden tools
  • Medical equipments
  • Sports goods